Bahasa Jawa is the best?

- walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road = mlipir
- falingg backward and then hit own head =  nggeblak
- falling/tripping forward (and hit the face) = kejlungup
- smearing one's body with hot oilment or liquid and then massaging it = mbloyo
- riding a bicycle = ngonthel
- got hit by a truck that is moving backward = kunduran truk
- hot pyroclastic cloud = wedhus gembel
- a small, sharp thing embedded inside one's skin = susuben/ketelusupen
- things getting out from a container accidentally because  of grafiti = mbrojol
- get hit by thing collapsing on top of one' head/body = kambrukan / kebrukan
- drinking straight from the bottle without using glass = ngokop
- difficult to open the eyes because something is shining very bright = blereng
- hanging on tightly to something = gondhelan
- falling.tripping accidentally because of a hole = kejeglong
- releasing "wind" from the body using a coin rubbed on the skin = kerokan
- a slip of the tongue, or wrong pronountiation, of particular word = kamisosolen

to be continued....

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